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The Alaskan Cruise- The Angus Report

When I first walked into the ship I was completely amazed. There was staircases leading into different rooms, restaurants in every direction and music playing in the background . First we decided to have lunch, a simple buffet did the trick because we were all famished. After that there was a cruise show that took us around the ship that we did to get an idea of were things were. 

Over the cruise some of the highlights were, kids club. At first I thought that kids club was going to be a nit boring because there were no other boys and the program looked pretty boring but it turned out that it was fabulous. I met this kid called Micheal and we qui key became good friends.Brie pretty much the whole cruise we did stuff together and had great fun. Another highlight was something that you will think is pretty weird but it was very useful. I got a cRs that provided me with unlimited soft drink for the whole cruise.

The soft drink was $2 a glass so it was well worth it be wise whenever I wanted a drink I could get one. Getting of at the ports was also quite fun, first time ever on Alaskan soil. We stopped at ketchikan, jueano, scagway and prince Rupert, we took one tour that involved meeting the race huskie dogs, mining for gold and going into room ht was minus 40 degrees. It was freezing.  I remember on the second day it was our first day in open sea so it was really rocky.

The whole day until 5 o'clock mum and I were throwing up in bed. I don't know how dad and Giaan were able to walk around and do things. Going over to he food. There was 4 free restaurants and 6 restaurants that wee ava la less not to mention all the bars and cafes that were available. For me it was heaven, all you can eat 24/7. He cruise was definitely a fantastic experience and I would love to it again and would recommend it for anyone.

We will go over to Canada now so I'm really looking forward to The Canadian .Rockies  

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It's all been happening...

Adventures in Alaska and Canada

rain 11 °C

Sorry it's been so long but the internet on the cruisehsip we were on was very, very expensive. So we decided to wait until we were firmly attached to dry land before we would write.

So, to begin...
The day before the cruise departed, Lesley and Angus ventured into Seattle downtown with a couple we had met at the hotel outside the city. Rod and Colleen from Ormeau took great care of the two adventurous Robbos and a great time was had by all. Angus is particularly keen to see Seattle again especially as he didn't go up the Space Needle because he wanted to wait for Giaan and Robbo so we could all go up (isn't he a sweetie?).

Boarded the Norwegian Star in Seattle around lunchtime on Saturday 17 September. There was a party atmosphere as people danced and boogied all around the seimming pool on the top deck of the ship as we departed Seattle. There was food everywhere and the cruise was off to a good start.

Come Saturday, however, the party was definitely over for a lot of the passengers. There were pretty rough seas (12-20 foot waves apparently) as we sailed in the open water. Lesley and Angus were pretty crook with sea sickness (they certainly weren't alone) and spent most of the day in bed or feeling very ordinary. Robbo and Giaan were not too bad and kept up their sprits by hanging around up top. The room we were in was pretty small so it was no place to hang out with sick people.
Still, about 3pm, we tucked in behind an island and things really settled down for every one. There were shows and entertainment for everyone and the crew were excellent. The food was tremendous and we met fellow Aussies all over the ship. Angus met a young bloke from Eaton's Hill named Mitchell and the two of them became thick as thieves at the kids club while Giaan met some lovely girls from Kamloops (where we'll be staying with some other friends) and will hopefully catch up with them when we get to that town.

The weather unfortunately was very rainy for the most part and so our stops along the way at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert were fairly damp affairs. Still, there were lots of shops and lesley and Angus managed to go on a bit of a hike around Skagway. The captain of the ship was able to sail us up an inlet filled with small icebergs. Th ewa ter wa svery still and the silence of the area was beautiful. The ship got about a quarter of a mile from a large glacier. It was stunning to see such a force of nature up close.

The dining was very good and we made full use of the buffets and restaurants onboard the ship. There were some very entertaining shows - a hypnotist who had everyone in stitches watching people from the audience do bizarre things; a couple of aerialists who were sensational to watch; a comedy shop with lots of improvisation that was very clever and a magic show combined with dance that was very, very good.

While the cruise was good, I'm not sure if I would be keen to do another as there was a lot of time where you felt a little trapped because we wanted to get out and do things but were, of course, at sea. A cruise for the sake of it would be fun, but I think I'd rather get to my destination quicker so we could do things there or on the way. The seas were pretty rough on occasion and the second last night threw 150 kmh winds at us!
Will write about Canada soon!!
Best to all

The Robbos

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Crescent City- The Angus Report

The biggest things on earth

Cresent City
Crescent City was mainly the stop we chose because it was close to the Avenue of the Giants. The Avenue of Giants is a road that travels through the Redwood Forest. The reason it is called the Avenue of Giants is because the giant redwood trees are the tallest living things on the planet. There is a road that stretches between the trees that is supposed to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. About half way through the drive there was a turn of to an information centre that had lots of hands on things to do. For example, socks that lead into a wooden box that had unknown things in it. When I reached I pulled out a decapitated mountain lion paw. The end I pulled out was the stump so it was a bit disgusting. We went on a couple of walks there. One included seeing the tallest tree in he world which was an astounding 110 meters tall. Imagine about he length of a 100 metre track and put it vertical. When we finally got to Cresent City we went straight to bed. The next day we went out to the redwood forest again. Mum went on  a big 8'km walk while we went on a smaller walk. While mum was alone in the Redwoods she came across some fresh grizzly bear poo and she decided to sit down and eat a muesli bar. At this point she didn't know that it was bear poo. In the meantime dad Giaan and I went out to see the light house. It was pretty cool because there was no a real path to the light house. You just had make your own path over the rocks but you couldn't access it if the tide was high. There was actually a family that live on the island so bad luck if he tide was high and they desperately needed to get home. After that we pretty much picked mum up and showed her the lighthouse. I then climbed on some gigantic rocks that were really hard to climb because there was like no footholds on it plus it was really slippery.(This photo will be on the blog.)  When we went I fixed up the blog and put San Francisco on the blog. Tomorrow we will be on our way to Portland our last stop. Portland will be on the blog now since I was a bit on Cresent City.

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Fort Bragg-The Angus Report

A Scary Town

When we arrived at Fort Bragg we thought that it looked like a nice little town. When we got to our apartment a cleaner that worked at the hotel told a pretty scary story. A person with schizophrenia, a mind disease sometimes called split personalities, had been taken off his medication and had gone a little crazy He was now running loose in the forest after shooting two people. The Skunk Train, a train that ran through the forest had been closed the weekend before. We decided to go on the Skunk Train even though we were a little freaked out. It was good fun on the ride and there was a train musician that gave me a free CD. Where the Skunk Train stopped it was a nice little place that had a food store and a BBQ. On the way back it was very tiring and it was hard not to fall asleep.
Across the road from our hotel there was a general store that gave me free hot chocolate whenever I wanted it. I had it each night before bed (Hot Chocolate is very popular and is starting to grow on me.) Overall,Fort Bragg wasn’t my favourite place but The Skunk Train was good fun.

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Portland- The Angus Report

Portland Is Cool

Portland was our last stop before we reach Seattle, the end of the American road trip boo hoo. On the way into portland we saw a gigantic shopping outlet, a bit like DFO in Brisbane. We were supposed to be getting into Portland at 3 o'clock but because of the outlet we arrived at 8 o'clock. At the outlet I bought some slip on shin pads that were $38 dollars cheaper than Australia. Mum also bought me a blue and flouro yellow shirt from asidas it looks like bills new predator boots as Declan might compare it to. When we got there we almost went straight to bed be wise we were completely stuffed. In the morning we got ip and caught a lift into the city on a tram line in which was pretty cool and the first thing we did was go into a massive bookstore that was 3 stories high get it "stories." It was absolutely gigantic but I only looked around 1 floor. After that we went to a massive toy store. I wasn't that interested in this but it was awesome seeing one so big. Mum wanted to go to the park square to discuss whT we were going to do. What we did next was one of the highlights of the day. On the list of things to do in Portland it said about. Frozen Yougurt place down the rode from where we were. We decided to give it a go. When we walked in it looked a lot like cold rock ice creamery. Turns out it was exactly like cold rock ice creamery except  it was frozen yoghurt (that tasted exactly like ice cream,) that it had as many different types of flavoring and sauces as you liked and that you paid by the weight. So basically you took as much frozen yoghurt and toppings as you liked, they weighed it and you paid 44 cents an ounce ( how much is this a kilo?) How cool is that? 
The next thing we did was something I had never done before, an arial tram that stretched 500 feet across the top of the city. It had glass sides so you could see all over the city. It was a return trip so we got to do it twice. 
The rest of the day went quite quickly, we visited the Japanese gardens and saw a massive rose garden that stretched for 12 acres. We were going to have dinner at a pizzaria but it was in a bad  place of town and he price was $15 a pizza plus $2 a topping so we decided to get going home and have pizza tomorrow. After that we pretty much caught the tramline back and had dinner. Tomorrow we are going to drive to Seattle to board the cruise.

PS happy holidays to everyone at school, aunty carol, uncle Marty, kanani and Tihana. Good luck at Bagara.

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