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Disneyland, Universal Studios and California Adventure - the experience!

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Went to Universal Studios on Tuesday. Our bus was a little late and we ended up missing a couple of rides we wanted to go on. Still, we had a good day. Angus and Giaan loved the Simpsons virtual roller coaster (which made Robbo turn slightly green) and the studio tour was really interesting. The highlight of this tour is the King Kong 3-D experience. Basically, the tour bus is set upon by King Kong in a 360 degree, 3D show. It was amazing, but a bit short. We then went on a tour of Holyywood. The bus dropped us in downtown Hollywood for an hour. What a zoo! I've never seen such a wide variety of crazy people in my life. Made Main Street, Hervey Bay seem pretty tame, I can tell you. Whew!! The LA leg of our tour is over. We bid farewell to Disneyland and California Adventure last night by staying until both places tossed us out. Robbo celebrated his birthday by riding the California Screamer 3 times! Go, you old fella! We also rode the Grizzly River Run 5 times. This is a great ride which throws you in a big tube and involves rapids. There's a couple of big drops and we once again got absolutely drenched. Not a day has gone by in these parks where we haven't all had squelchy shoes and needed to wring out our socks. While we tried to celebrate Robbo's birthday properly, too much fun was happening. Robbo's a big kid when it comes to Disneyland so he was very keen to actually have as much of his birthday in Disneyland as possible. First, he decided to have a birthday dinner in Disneyland at a Mexican eatery. But with all the rides we were doing, we ran out of time. So, we then decided to watch the fireworks they hold at Cindarella's Castle (sensational show!!) and have one of the awesome ice creams Robbo had been drooling over for the past few days...Ran out of time. So then we decided to get over to California Adventure to watch the late showing of the World of Colour (another cracker of a show which combines animation, lights and water) and have something nice to eat there...All food stores/restaurants closed. Then we went to a burger joint called Denny's at 11:00pm to have a feed. saw a guy get arrested for not paying for his meal (handcuffs and all). OK, let's now have an icecream at this terrific ice cream parlour that we'd been wanting to go to...shop was closed. Happy Birthday, big guy!! Now, just when you thought the excitement was over, we got up this morning and Robbo drove the LA freeways!!!! Forget those pathetic rollercoasters and flume rides!! This was the REAL adventure! Wrong side of the road, wrong side of the car, strange directions from the GPS - it was all happening. Negotiated things well and tonight we happily doze in a little beachside place called Morro Bay. On the way, stopped on the coastal section of the road to see what one local said was the biggest surf he'd seen in 15 years. Waves were just smashing into the rocks and one even came in so big and so hard that it splashed water up over the 8m rock wall over the other side of the road and saturated a car driving by. This local guy said he's never even seen the water come up onto the road at all. It's a the start of a long weekend here in USA and on these coastal stretches of highway, RVs and motorhomes just pull over on the ocean side of the road and set up camp! We drove by what seemed like 100 of these vehicles parked and set up for the weekend over a couple of miles. It was unbelievable. Hopefully, a bit of a lazy day tomorrow then we drive Big Sur to Monterey. This is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world - so hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Love reading all your comments and will post more pictures tomorrow! Bye for now.

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and California Adventure is great, too

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Wow!! The past couple of days have been full-on! Disneyland has been amazing and the theme park next door (also run by Disney) called California Adventure has got some awesome attractions, too.
Number 1 ride for the moment in Disneyland has been Splash Mountain. There’s a photo of it in the blog. We keep getting soaked when we do the drops and we’re still trying to figure out the best way for the Robbos to get to the bottom without looking like drowned rats. Another ripper has been California Soaring, which has you in a hang glider flying throughout the fantastic scenery of California. It’s tremendous. Star Tours is the big attraction with long waiting queues, however, the Fast Pass system is sensational and, if you plan it correctly, you spend a lot less time waiting and a lot more time having fun.
We’ve seen a few of our favourite Disney characters. Angus is quite taken with Goofy (check out the resemblance in the photo) and appears to be using him as a role model in dress and behaviour. Giaan has been serving her rollercoaster apprenticeship on increasingly scarier rides. After spending a bit of time talking her into having a go at something like the Big Thunder Mountain ride, she’ll inevitably demand to go again as soon as it’s finished.
Lesley is hoping that the kids will have a go at the biggest roller coaster in both parks, CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’. It’s big and scary with lots of speed and a loop. Lesley had a go at it today. Her comment: “That was great! I didn’t stop screaming!” Angus and Giaan are yet to be convinced.
Strangely, Giaan went on the one ride that Robbo will avoid at all costs – The Tower of Terror!!! The elevator goes all the way to the top of this building and then just drops! Not once but a few times – all in the dark! Any time Giaan looks a bit worried about a ride, we just say: “But you conquered the Tower of Terror.” and her confidence is restored.
Last night we stayed at the parks until about midnight! Rides, light shows etc were all happening. It was exhausting but so much fun.
The Americans we meet are very nice and think our accents are cute if a little hard to understand. Robbo gave an Australian slang lesson to a couple of young college students who spent a fair bit of the time scratching their heads about what he was saying (no different to his Australian students back in Hervey Bay).
The light switches also go opposite to Australia and the toilets fill halfway up the bowl. Because North Americans drive on the other side of the road and with the steering wheels on the left hand side of the car, we’ve occasionally caught ourselves wondering why no one is driving the car (or the dog appears to be!).
Anyway, the first couple of days have been unbelievable. Tomorrow we go on to Universal Studios for the day followed by a night time tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood. The days have been getting dark about 7pm so tomorrow will be a long one!! Hope to have more stuff to tell you then.

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The Robbos have Landed!!

The trip from the other side of the world

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We took off rom Brisbane Airport at precisely 12:25pm on Friday, 26 August. Special thanks to Aunty Carol and Grandma for driving us to the airport, calming our nerves, feeding us and seeing us off. The 3 hour flight to Auckland was Giaan's first-ever flight. The flight with Air New Zealand was smooth, the service and food were also excellent. Auckland looked stunning as we flew in with the sun setting over the harbour.
Mum was miffed when her duty-free alcohol was confiscated by NZ Customs. There was heaps of 2011 Rugby World Cup gear all over Auckland airport. Dad was very happy until he saw the prices!
We took off from Auckland at 7:30pm. The city lights looked spectacular and it felt like we were flying on top of the stars. Giaan thought they looked very pretty, too.
Air New Zealand's service again was great and after an 11 hour flight, we landed in Los Angeles. We then caught the Disneyland Express to Anaheim. Our hotel, in which we are sitting blog writing, is across the road from Disneyland and we're going there tomorrow after a good night's sleep...Can't Wait!!

The jet-lagged Robbos

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wow i'm sooo excited!!!

giaan is craving for adventure!!!

Hi I'm Giaan
I'm going to canada and america!!!Its going to be so much fun and I'm looking foward to it. In two weeks time we will be in disneyland. My birthday will be on Halloween in Canada so we are going to go trick or treating with a couple of our freinds in Kamloops. Our freinds are looking out for some cool costumes for us. I've been earning and saving money for the big trip. My goal is to earn $200 and I'm almost there. I fly out in 2 weeks time from Brisbane and it will be my first plane trip ever.,

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angus is excited

how long to go

Hi its Angus, I'm very excited about going to North America even though I am a bit disappointed that I'm not going to the east side of America. There is only 3 weeks to go and I am still trying to earn money for the trip. Like my sister my goal is $200 dollars and I am only $10 dollars of. When we get to disneyland I am going to try heaps of rides. They all look fun exept the toddlers rides. I cant wait to get to Vancouver because when we get there my family and I are going to watch an Ice Hockey match. We also have freinds in Canada that I cant wait to visit

For now I lie in wait.

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