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The best rides @ Disneyland and the rest..

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Its Angus here, as we have just left Morro Bay and arrived at Monterey I've decided to summarise my top 6 rides in Disneyland.

1 Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is a flume ride that includes riding along in a log/boat in amongst singing happy cartoon characters from The Brer Rabbit series that are all happy singing and dancing along to a merry tune when suddenly, after two smaller drops (one in the dark and one in the light) the ride turns dark and eerie music starts to play. You get to the top of a giant hill and you can see all over the park. Then you go down a very steep 50 ft (how many metres is this?) drop under heap of thorns. We have a photo of the giant drop in the photo gallery.

2. California Screamin. California Screamin is high speed rollercoaster that includes upside down manoeuvres and sudden drops and stops. At first I was undecided as to whether to go on California Screamin or not. I loved the other rollercoasters, like Big Thunder Mountain, but California Screamin was the biggest one. Eventually I decided to go on it because Mum was saying that it was great fun. After I went on it the first time I went on the rollercoaster a few more times because I loved it.

3. Space Mountain. Space Mountain is a rollercoaster in the pitch black but with shining sparkling lights everywhere in sight. You go down sudden drops and sharps corners when you are least expecting it. We went on Space Mountain 9 times in which 3 were repeatedly ridden. Space Mountain was the best ride in Tomorrow land, a section of rides and eateries in Disneyland.

4.Soarin over California. Soarin over California is a ride that involves sitting in a chair when you get raised up over a balcony with a massive screen in front of you. I’ll explain it as best I can but you will have to check out the link to really understand. The screen in from of you starts moving and it actually feels like you are flying over Californian icons. e.g Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Monterey Bay.
As I said you’ll have to check out the link.

5. Indiana Jones Adventure. In Indiana Jones Adventure you are in a 4 wheel drive sort of carriage with 3 rows. You travel around underground in a temple like surrounding when snakes jump out at you and surprise you. My favourite part is when it looks like a gigantic boulder is rolling towards you. It was great fun.

6. Star Tours. Star Tours is a ride where you are seated in a room like inside a spaceship when a screen opens up in front of you. The room is actually rocking in comparison to the screen. Like Soarin over California you will have to check out the link because the ride is hard to explain because of the screen. There are lots of different episodes in which you are ‘flying to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.’
These are my favourite rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. On Tuesday I will have all of the links on the blog. I will blog again this week. Thanks heaps for the comments – it’s great to know people are reading.

P.S Happy Birthday for the 1st of September Uncle Marty from all the Robbos.

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I am so excited just reading about tte rides. Great descriptions.Keep up.the good work. You can just have two Father,s Days next year,Robbo.
Keep enjoying. Love,Grandma B.

by Chisholm40

Wow! Those rides sound simply awesome, Angus. Screaming down a breaker on a boogie board at Bargara will seem a bit tame in comparison.
Love to read your blogs, Nana

by Fran Robinson

can't believe your mum is such a daredevil!!! go Angus...great descriptions of the rides. Don't think I'd get on California screamin'

by mfowler

Hi Angus!!! Declan wanted to say hi to his special friend(that's you). The rest of 6/7b said hi too!! Sounds like you are having an incredible time on your adventures, we are all very jealous!! Your soccer team is falling apart without you, they lost 7-4 against fcac in their game on saturday. On a brighter note, everyone here misses you, (Especially declan) and we love hearing about all the cool stuff you have been doing!

bye for now, 6/7 B

by class67b

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