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Portland- The Angus Report

Portland Is Cool

Portland was our last stop before we reach Seattle, the end of the American road trip boo hoo. On the way into portland we saw a gigantic shopping outlet, a bit like DFO in Brisbane. We were supposed to be getting into Portland at 3 o'clock but because of the outlet we arrived at 8 o'clock. At the outlet I bought some slip on shin pads that were $38 dollars cheaper than Australia. Mum also bought me a blue and flouro yellow shirt from asidas it looks like bills new predator boots as Declan might compare it to. When we got there we almost went straight to bed be wise we were completely stuffed. In the morning we got ip and caught a lift into the city on a tram line in which was pretty cool and the first thing we did was go into a massive bookstore that was 3 stories high get it "stories." It was absolutely gigantic but I only looked around 1 floor. After that we went to a massive toy store. I wasn't that interested in this but it was awesome seeing one so big. Mum wanted to go to the park square to discuss whT we were going to do. What we did next was one of the highlights of the day. On the list of things to do in Portland it said about. Frozen Yougurt place down the rode from where we were. We decided to give it a go. When we walked in it looked a lot like cold rock ice creamery. Turns out it was exactly like cold rock ice creamery except  it was frozen yoghurt (that tasted exactly like ice cream,) that it had as many different types of flavoring and sauces as you liked and that you paid by the weight. So basically you took as much frozen yoghurt and toppings as you liked, they weighed it and you paid 44 cents an ounce ( how much is this a kilo?) How cool is that? 
The next thing we did was something I had never done before, an arial tram that stretched 500 feet across the top of the city. It had glass sides so you could see all over the city. It was a return trip so we got to do it twice. 
The rest of the day went quite quickly, we visited the Japanese gardens and saw a massive rose garden that stretched for 12 acres. We were going to have dinner at a pizzaria but it was in a bad  place of town and he price was $15 a pizza plus $2 a topping so we decided to get going home and have pizza tomorrow. After that we pretty much caught the tramline back and had dinner. Tomorrow we are going to drive to Seattle to board the cruise.

PS happy holidays to everyone at school, aunty carol, uncle Marty, kanani and Tihana. Good luck at Bagara.

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Angus, outstanding of your journey to Portland-Shirt sounds blinding.The aerial train sounds great.Trust you to find the yogurt shop. I'm jealous.
The Aiga's are off down the coast this week,and weatther is great.
Love Grandma B x

by Chisholm40

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