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Crescent City- The Angus Report

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Cresent City
Crescent City was mainly the stop we chose because it was close to the Avenue of the Giants. The Avenue of Giants is a road that travels through the Redwood Forest. The reason it is called the Avenue of Giants is because the giant redwood trees are the tallest living things on the planet. There is a road that stretches between the trees that is supposed to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. About half way through the drive there was a turn of to an information centre that had lots of hands on things to do. For example, socks that lead into a wooden box that had unknown things in it. When I reached I pulled out a decapitated mountain lion paw. The end I pulled out was the stump so it was a bit disgusting. We went on a couple of walks there. One included seeing the tallest tree in he world which was an astounding 110 meters tall. Imagine about he length of a 100 metre track and put it vertical. When we finally got to Cresent City we went straight to bed. The next day we went out to the redwood forest again. Mum went on  a big 8'km walk while we went on a smaller walk. While mum was alone in the Redwoods she came across some fresh grizzly bear poo and she decided to sit down and eat a muesli bar. At this point she didn't know that it was bear poo. In the meantime dad Giaan and I went out to see the light house. It was pretty cool because there was no a real path to the light house. You just had make your own path over the rocks but you couldn't access it if the tide was high. There was actually a family that live on the island so bad luck if he tide was high and they desperately needed to get home. After that we pretty much picked mum up and showed her the lighthouse. I then climbed on some gigantic rocks that were really hard to climb because there was like no footholds on it plus it was really slippery.(This photo will be on the blog.)  When we went I fixed up the blog and put San Francisco on the blog. Tomorrow we will be on our way to Portland our last stop. Portland will be on the blog now since I was a bit on Cresent City.

Posted by The Robbos 22:15

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Hi Robbos,
You sound like you are having a blast of a time. By now you should be out of the red woods and into the Alaska trip. I am just fascinated reading about your holidays. Tell Robbo hix his back and Giaan fix her foot. NO sympathies for wussies. Seriously, sorry you two have had some problems.
I am back here in Doha again after 3 days in London last week. Am on the home stretch and leave on early Sat 25th morning. Cant' wait.
Love you all,

by carolynyoung

Hi Robbos
Loved the latest newsy blogs. I hope you have a marvellous time on the Alaska cruise and take some more terrific photos. Will be waiting for the next installment once you reach Canada.

by Fran Robinson

Hi. Glad to see you are all still enjoying your trip. We visited the Redwoods, but only reached the outskirts of Crescent City. We had a great holiday nearly had a close encounter with a black bear, and saw plenty of other wildlife. it was nice to get ot of San Franiisco into the 'wilds'. Death Valley was very hot 118f! Enjoyed reading your blogs. will keep in touch now we are home.

Maureen and Des Salt, the pommies from San Francisco.

by des.salt

Hey Leslie pops( Bear poo eater) lol, sounds like your having a Fabo time, is that Redwood forest where you litrally drive through that giant tree in the middle of the road? Anyway I am about to read some more of your blog, this is the first time I have had the chance to have a little peek....I promised I would....Sounds great I am jealous, but very happy you are having such a great time....Talk soon petskals....

by gusrex

Are you sure this is a holiday? You'll need a rest when you get home with your jam-packed itinerary. Glad you're having a great time. Our bump is still a bump and not looking like he's ready to budge yet ... but I'm hoping for soon! Cheers!

by nicoleede

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