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More adventures in the Rockies

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On the way to Jasper we stopped in at The Columbia Ice Fields. The Columbia Ice Field is a gigantic glacier completely made of ice. The company that we bought our tickets with brought a massive bus with tires that were as tall as my shoulders on to the glacier and let us off for about 20 minutes. We basically did whatever we wanted to do in a certain area. I built a snowman that was about up to my knees. It  was so small because the snow was almost completely turned into ice that way it was really  hard to pack together. 
On the way off the glacier the driver told us that the hill we drove up onto the glacier was apparently the steepest unpaved hill in North America (a 32 degree gradient).That was a great experience and it's hard to believe that the bus and the people can just walk and drive on a massive chunk of ice that's 300m thick!

 When we got to Jasper we just chilled until it was time for dinner. The next day we had a vague idea of going White Water Rafting but we weren't really sure. We were looking around the shops when we found out that at 2 o'clock it was the last raft down the river for the entire year. We decided to go at 2 but for then we decided to keep looking around the town. One of my favorite shops was a candy store that had every type of popcorn you can imagine and every type of fudge you can imagine. The bear paws were especially delicious. 

At 2 o'clock it was time for Whitewater Rafting. It was very uncomfortable getting into all the wet suits because my one was too big. It was a bit freaky at the start because you were actually sitting on the side of the rubber boat so you could easily fall off into the river if you didn't have your foot wedged under the seat. The river was not as rough as I thought it would be so about half way through the ride I really started to relax and enjoy it. At the end of the ride I jumped into the freezing cold glacier  water and lay in it for around a half a second. My toes and feet were stinging and took absolutely ages to warm up. 

The next day Mum and I went on yet another walk around  the massive Maligne canyon. The walk took us about 2 and a half hours. The canyon was really amazing and at one point it was  about 30 metres deep. The walk took us all the way down  in line with the river so there was no longer a canyon. After that we had planned to go up to Mt Edith Cavil,  a massive mountain that was one of the must-see things in Jasper. We went all the way to the top of the mountain only to find that the walk was too far so we had to drive  all the way back.  

After that we had a chat to our accommodation owner, Annaliese,and she was telling us that she has had lots of jobs that included training police dogs, an interior designer and singing on the stage for 7 years. We found out that she runs the entire accommodation by herself and takes care of 4 suites. 
The next day we had to go but before we left we decided we had to try the main bakery in town. It was absolutely delicious but I ate the sausage roll I got cold. After I had eaten it I realized there was a microwave right next to me. It was a pretty long drive to Kamloops so I just had a long time to write the blog.

 My next blog entry will be about Kamloops so keep and eye out for it in the next couple of days.
Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'd love to hear what you've been up to.

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There are a few common elements I've noticed throughout these blogs: food, lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong walks and chilly water. I love reading about your adventures and checking out the great photos.
Love to all the Robbos from Nana

by Fran Robinson

Hey guys!!....yes, I finally worked out how to get onto this blog site...and you're nearly on your way home again!!...well, not quite!! (actually, Hudson did it for me :).....I don't have alot of luck with computers!!)
Wow, what magnificent scenery, not to mention how fabulous each of the blogs are written up......very informative and well written Angus!! I love the pictures and the views are just like postcards.
Great to hear all is going well, and that you are having a ball. We are about to leap into another school morning....first week back at school and doing it tough!!
Short & sweet......kims tips!!: keep safe and eat healthy and don't forget to floss as well as brush those teeth!! :)
Take care
Love Kim. xx

"HI"...... from Hudson over here too!!!

by kimmoi

Thanks for allthe interesting info., Angus. Ilove your descriptions-it's ALMOST like being there. You sound as though you are having a whale of a time. Kirsten had a first and second place in a Highland dance comp. to-day,she was pleased .I'm off to Lismore to-morrow but will be looking forward to reading all your news when I return at the week-end.
Keep safe and lots of love. Grandma B XXXX

by Chisholm40

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