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Kamloops - The Angus Report

A Home Away From Home

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At Kamloops we stayed with our friends, Barb and Brian. This was really nice because we weren't all cooped up in a hotel for almost a week. For the first day Brian, Mum and I went on (you guessed it) another hike up around a lake. We were hiking up a really steep hill that was so steep that,when you were climbing,  you had to use your hands in front of you so you wouldn't fall over. There was this wooden post sitting in the lake that we all tried to hit with rocks. Mum completely owned - hitting the wooden post 3 times while I didn't even hit at all. When we got home I basically chilled. 

The next day we decided to go to Cosco , a massive store that sells everything from computers to fresh fruit and meat. There were all these tasting booths around the place to encourage you to buy things. Personally, I had no intention of buying anything, I just wanted to taste things. We decided to have lunch at Cosco. I got a hot dog and unlimited soft drink for only $1.50. After that we went looking for Halloween costumes. I ended up being the guy from the movie Scream if anyone has seen it. The guy has a white scary mask and a black cloak with a knife. I can't wait until Halloween which is in about 3 weeks. 

When we got back to Barb and Brian's house we decided to feed the squirrels. In their backyard they had two main squirrels. One from the North and one from the West. They are arch rivals and hate it when one of them goes into the other's territory. 

On Wednesday we drove out to a spectacular lake called Isabelle Lake. After a walk there we had a fire and cooked hot dogs on it. They were absolutely delicious. A man we met offered to take me out in his boat and show me the fish he had caught. In the end he offered to give me his Rainbow Trout which was also delicious. The next day Dad and Mum organised the rest of the trip and the flight home so it was pretty much just being lazy around the house that day for me. For dinner that night Mum and Dad's friend from 15 years ago came over for dinner. It was pretty good for Mum and Dad because they were still good friends and they hadn't seen each other for ages. It was fun meeting him for the first time and he said that when we come back to Kamloops he might take me skiing depending on how much snow there is. 

For our last full day at Kamloops until Halloween we decided to go see some friends that we had met on the cruise and go horse riding. It was my second time riding a horse so it was a little freaky when the horse suddenly took off and it took me a while to slow it down. We had lunch there and had a fire out in the backyard that failed pretty quickly. The place was pretty amazing because they had dogs, cats, kittens, horses, cattle and chickens - a lot of animals to look after. That night Barb and Brian had a bit of a family reunion so Giaan and I went and played with some other kids downstairs. 

When we go back we are going to go trick or treating and also watch an ice hockey match which will be great fun. 
A huge thanks to Barb and Brian for putting up with me, showing great hospitality and for simply being extremely nice people.

P.S ( To Barb and Brian) Could  you please not make any pineapple chicken for when we come back.

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Hi Robbos
It's great to read your comments on Kamloops, Angus and Giaan. All your friends sound very nice and you must have had a really good time. I hope you send a couple of photos of your Hallowe'en outfits. (Just don't scare the neighbours too much.)
Hanging out for the next installment,
love, Nana

by Fran Robinson

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